Husband Disciplines Wife in Public

In today's video a husband disciplines his young wife on a public beach. The wife is tied up and made to kneel in front of him and apologise for being disobedient. Fortunately for her there is nobody around to see this but there is the chance someone will come along at any moment...

Husband Disciplines Wife

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Not satisfied with humiliating his wife in this way, the husband wants more. He takes out his cock and shoves it in his wife's face - demanding she sucks it at once. Despite being in a public place the wife knows she must obey her master and begins to suck the end of his dick. As his cock gets harder the husband pushes it deeper into his wife's throat until she is almost choking on it. The site of his hot young wife tied up and gagging on his cock has the desired effect on the husband and it isn't long before he is shooting his hot cum into her throat and mouth. When he is done he holds her mouth closed to ensure she swallows the lot!

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