Cheating Wife Punishment & Nipple Torture

This cheating wife receives her punishment in this hardcore BDSM video featuring upside-down hanging and nipple torture. When her husband found she had been fucking the neighbour he hauled her down to the dungeon and prepared her for her punishment. After stripping her naked he cuffed her ankles and raised her from the floor with chains so she was suspended upside-down...

Cheating Wife Punishment

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Once suspended in this position the husband proceeded to torture his wife. The nipple clamps were one of the first things to be applied. After tweaking her nipple firmly between his fingers he slowly began adding more pressure until his wife's nipples were standing out proudly from her tits. He then increased the pressure even more until he could see the pain on her face. Only when she was biting her lip with the pain of his fingers did he apply the clamps. This caused her to cry out loud with the intense pain - just the reaction he was looking for.

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