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Welcome to Wife Punishment! If you are looking for videos of naked wives receiving strict domestic sexual discipline then you have come to the right place. I will be posting videos of cheating and disobedient wives, stripped naked and punished with bondage, spanking, whipping, vaginal stretching, nipple clamps, anal punishments and more. So take a look around and start downloading my huge collection of wife punishment, wife discipline and sexual domestic discipline videos!

Wife Sexual Punishment - Forced Blowjob

Wife Sexual Punishment

Sexual Punishment Video - Watch Here

Today's wife sexual punishment video features a hot blonde wife being chained up and punished with a forced blowjob. The forced blowjob is one of the classic sexual punishments for a disobedient wife and this video demonstrates exactly how it should be done. The chaining of the wrists is essential to prevent the wife from attempting to pull the husband's cock out of her mouth. Holding the head is also important – allowing the husband to control the depth of the cock and the amount of gagging. This video is one of the best examples of a forced blowjob that I've seen in ages – you can download it now on this link...

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Domestic Discipline - Wife Tied Up in Barn

Today's domestic discipline video features this hot young wife who is forced to dress like a slut before being tied up in a barn and left on her own. You can see from the picture that she is tied tightly round the body with ropes. The ropes restrict her arms above the elbow but allow some movement in her lower arms - this is to ensure she can touch her pussy - because her husband knows that this punishment fulfils a deep desire inside her and she will want to make herself cum when he leaves her alone.

Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline Video - Click Here

Fortunately for us, the husband leaves the camera running when he exits the barn and leaves his wife to her own devices. You can see her hand move towards her pussy and even though her legs are tied to prevent them opening she still manages to get a couple of fingers inside herself and can be seen masturbating herself furiously. She is completely oblivious to anything else and someone could walk in at any moment but she continues to finger herself until she has an explosive orgasm right there in the barn.

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Husband Disciplines Wife in Public

In today's video a husband disciplines his young wife on a public beach. The wife is tied up and made to kneel in front of him and apologise for being disobedient. Fortunately for her there is nobody around to see this but there is the chance someone will come along at any moment...

Husband Disciplines Wife

Husband Disciplines Wife - Click Here

Not satisfied with humiliating his wife in this way, the husband wants more. He takes out his cock and shoves it in his wife's face - demanding she sucks it at once. Despite being in a public place the wife knows she must obey her master and begins to suck the end of his dick. As his cock gets harder the husband pushes it deeper into his wife's throat until she is almost choking on it. The site of his hot young wife tied up and gagging on his cock has the desired effect on the husband and it isn't long before he is shooting his hot cum into her throat and mouth. When he is done he holds her mouth closed to ensure she swallows the lot!

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Cheating Wife Punishment & Nipple Torture

This cheating wife receives her punishment in this hardcore BDSM video featuring upside-down hanging and nipple torture. When her husband found she had been fucking the neighbour he hauled her down to the dungeon and prepared her for her punishment. After stripping her naked he cuffed her ankles and raised her from the floor with chains so she was suspended upside-down...

Cheating Wife Punishment

Cheating Wife Punishment - Click Here

Once suspended in this position the husband proceeded to torture his wife. The nipple clamps were one of the first things to be applied. After tweaking her nipple firmly between his fingers he slowly began adding more pressure until his wife's nipples were standing out proudly from her tits. He then increased the pressure even more until he could see the pain on her face. Only when she was biting her lip with the pain of his fingers did he apply the clamps. This caused her to cry out loud with the intense pain - just the reaction he was looking for.

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Discipline Your Wife with Rope Bondage

Would you like to discipline your wife with rope bondage? If so then check out today's video on the link below...

Discipline Your Wife

Discipline Your Wife - Watch Here

This video shows a hot young wife being tightly bound with ropes as a punishment for disobedience. The wife is left alone to struggle against the tightly tied ropes and you can see them digging deeply into her soft white flesh. She looks really amazing lying there struggling against the ropes. Eventually she manages to get a hand free and you can see that the punishment has excited her because her hand goes straight to her pussy. Some wives just love to be punished as it gives them a sexual thrill. This wife is no exception and by the way she is rubbing her pussy you can tell she is really getting off on the whole experience.

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